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City of Fairfield

Fairfield, a community in southwestern Ohio has seen severe repetitive flooding. Several federal grant funded projects have been used along Pleasant Run Creek to mitigate properties the damages.

City of Findlay

The City of Findlay is one of the most flood prone communities in Ohio. Several federal grant funded projects have been used to mitigate the damages to the community.

Franklin Township (Whim’s Ditch)

Whim's Ditch, a neighborhood southwest of downtown Columbus has experience serve repetitive flooding. Mitigation efforts were taken to acquire and demolish the affected properties.

Ohio Safe Room Rebate Program

Overview of the Ohio Safe Room Rebate Program. Since 2011, the program has helped Ohio build over 120 safe rooms statewide through federal and state funding. Safe rooms are designed to withstand and protect all tornados including an F5.

Village of Ottawa

The Village of Ottawa has seen severe and repetitive flooding. Several federal, state, and local funds have been used to mitigate the affected properties through acquisition/demolition. However one of the problems that has occurred from this method is the abundance of open space. A workshop was held to work with residents to determine the best uses for this space.

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