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The State of Ohio is prone to many natural and manmade hazards. Ohio has experienced thousands of hazard events, resulting in millions of dollars in losses and casualties, and 44 Presidential disaster declarations. A Hazard Identification/Risk Analysis (HIRA) is a systematic way to identify and analyze hazards to determine their scope, impact and the vulnerability of the built environment to such hazards. Requirements of the 44 CFR 201.4 include identifying hazards, profiling hazard events, assessing vulnerability by jurisdiction, estimating potential losses by jurisdiction, assessing vulnerability of state facilities, and estimating potential losses of state facilities.

For more information, see the Hazard Identification/Risk Analysis (HIRA) Overview and Hazard Identification Summary - Section 2.1

Flooding Flooding
Tornadoes Tornado
Winter Storms Winter Storms
Landslide Landslide
Dam / Levee Failure Dam / Levee Failure
Wildfire Wildfire
Seiche / Coastal Flooding Seiche / Coastal Flooding Information
Earthquake Earthquake
Coastal Erosion Coastal Erosion
Drought Drought
Severe Summer Storm Severe Summer Storm
Invasive Species Invasive Species
Land Subsidence Land Subsidence

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